The issue of terrorism in Nigeria has got to an all time high with the activities of the Boko Haram group in different parts of the nation. From killing and maiming of innocent citizens, their focus is now on our children with incessant attacks on various schools and the recent abduction of over 100 school girls in Borno. Anyone who condemns Boko Haram is targeted and many are cringing for fear all across the nation.
What makes a man or woman so persuaded that he or she does not mind losing his or her life? What convinces a mortal to think that he or she has a right to take another life as well as his or her own and that he will be rewarded for it? Why are the Boko Haram attacks so carefully masterminded and carried out with precision and success? What made those two British born Nigerian teenagers in broad day light kill a British soldier on the street of England and apologise that it is a pity that women and children had to see them do it? What is driving these killers? IT IS NOT JUST POVERTY, IT IS MORE THAN A REVOLT OF THE POOR AGAINST THE RICH BECAUSE BOTH POOR AND RICH ARE BEING KILLED INDISCRIMINATELY, IT IS MORE THAN A RELIGIOUS WAR BECAUSE BOTH MOSLEMS AND CHRISTIANS ARE BEING KILLED, IT IS AN IDEOLOGY ! AN IDEOLOGY THAT HAS BEEN CAREFULLY SOLD TO PEOPLE THROUGH INDOCTRINATIONS, TEACHINGS, PREACHINGS AND SPIRITUAL SUBJUGATION.
The dictionary defines an ideology as a body of doctrine, myth, belief that guides an individual or a social group. This ideology has devices, methods and plans of operation. Unfortunately “killing of infidels” is high on the modus operandi of the IDEOLOGY guiding the BOKO HARAM. A suicide bomber is not afraid to die, as a matter of fact he or she considers it a privilege to die. A popular saying on a crime fiction I watched says “to catch a killer go into the mind of the killer and try to think as he thinks” I was shocked a few weeks back when I went to the popular Lagos Island market and as I was being attended to a young lady in her early twenties had a TShirt on that said. “IT IS GLORIOUS TO DIE FOR ALLAH” A woman coincidentally a Muslim called her and cautioned her to avoid the company of “RADICAL CLERICS ” who are selling the idea of glorified death to people as that is not the way of God.
I appreciate the careful and delicate handling of Boko Haram and I am very happy that we can all clearly see that it is not motivated by devout Muslims so it is not a religious issue, but we cannot DENY the fact that they are using the vehicle of religion to recruit and propagate their heinous IDEOLOGY. When seeking for solutions to the Boko Haram problem in addition to setting up a more effective security apparatus across the nation, we must find a way to DISMANTLE the IDEOLOGY, prevent it from spreading, because as we speak Boko Haram has a system of operation which does not start from planting bombs but from spreading the evil ideology to people who over time will imbibe it and turn around to kill their own kith and kin. Myles Monroe said, ” You cannot kill an idea with a bullet”.
There has to be a contrary IDEOLOGY and this is where our Muslim Leaders, brothers and sisters have to rise up and begin to speak against killing of infidels more than they may be doing now. There has to be more enlightenment, programs especially among youths debunking the evil ideology in the mosques, churches, schools and other societal groups. We must denounce, hate and condemn killing of another human being with passion, make people sensitive to activities around them that can endanger human life. Right now many people are apathetic to life, people are so desensitized that we look away from anyone dying on the road and feel unconcerned. There must be the return of human compassion and life worth to every Nigerian. How can a human being cut the throat of a child in a school and think he is doing God a favour, that person is already demented and has lost all human feeling of compassion because someone had taken time to sell him an evil ideology of hate that has turned him or her to a killer.
Christians and Muslims must collaborate to fight this evil as both are being attacked and we have so many people that come into our churches and mosques every week. We must use our sphere of influence to fight Boko Haram as much as possible through prayers and sensitizing people. We must all speak up against this evil, as Dr Oby Ezekwesili tweeted we are NOT POWERLESS!!! Boko Haram cannot be killed by bullets alone, the IDEOLOGY behind it must be attacked and dismantled. Just as Adolf Hitler sold the evil ideology to Germans and their allies that brought about the death of millions of Jews, the IDEOLOGY had to be attacked and dismantled and we saw the end of Naxism. Slavery came from an IDEOLOGY that some people were born superior to others and had to serve them. But Abraham Lincoln, dismantled that ideology and though he paid with his life, slaves were set free. Apartheid came from an ideology that blacks were inferior to whites but that IDEOLOGY was attacked and dismantled. We all know the role Nelson Mandela played even sacrificing 27 years behind bars.
Busola Jegede
Daughters of Destiny





Published by busolajegede

About Busola Jegede Busola Jegede is an Intercessor. She is the Founder of Daughters of Destiny Interdenominational Fellowship. Based on her deep walk with the Holy Spirit, she is passionate about prayer and intercession and currently has a divine apostolic mandate to raise women as intercessors for the family and nations in different locations. Her teachings are very realistic and in season for daily Christian living especially in relevance to women. She is endowed with the Spirit of counsel and might and a deep understanding of family and marital issues. Busola Jegede graduated from the University of Ife with a BSc in Sociology and Anthropology in 1987, she later trained and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1991. She became an Entrepreneur in 1996 and brings in her hands -on entrepreneurial experience to help women identify business opportunities as well as package their businesses for better success through the Destiny Business Institute. Busola Jegede mentors, counsels, trains and empowers women. She runs a vibrant prison ministry and the rehabilitation of female ex-inmates. To this end, the ministry has training arms such as Destiny Academy, The Mentoring Unit and the Destiny Business Institute where skills are taught and acquired through seminars & workshops. She also gives free consultancy services to women who want to identify business opportunities and package their businesses for more effectiveness and success. The thrust of her ministry has been in establishing women prayer groups in different nations and mobilising the women to achieve their God ordained destinies. She hosts weekly radio and television programs where she gives insights and guidelines to women on living Godly lives and coping with life's challenges. Daughters of Destiny also organises free medical health checks for indigent Women and screening are done for Breast and Cervical cancer as well as general health checks. We also engaged in a BOOK DRIVE FOR A SCHOOL IN A LOCAL COMMUNITY. Also in the past we have sunk a borehole for Lakowe in Eti Osa local Govt, as well as given relief materials to residents of Abijo village still in Eti OSA local govt. Busola Jegede is a regular speaker at conferences and seminars, counselor and gifted writer. She has authored some books amongst which are REVIVAL AND BREAKTHROUGH PRAYERS for the Winning Christian, PILLARS OF DESTINY, POWER OF COVENANT, SOARING HIGH, THE SECRET PLACE OF THE MOST HIGH and many more. Busola is happily married to Kayode Jegede an Engineer and they are blessed with three wonderful boys. Please visit busolajegede.wordpress.com or www.daughtersofdestiny-ng.org for more information


  1. Pst Busola, you have said it all. This write up not only reveals the truth of what Boko Haram really is but it proffers the only viable solution to it. A brilliant piece and very
    Boldly and courageously written.
    God bless you for rising up for such a time as this. May you continue to birth the full Christ dimension of your calling and destiny in Jesus mighty name amen.

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